Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mrs. Kemp

I feel obligated to report that Rihanna has officially stated that she is dating Matt Kemp. She was in the stands yesterday at the Dodgers game, and I couldn't help but admire her baseball-cheering style in these photos. She looks so cool!!!

I thought maybe she was trying to keep a low profile. I wonder if that's an Alyssa Milano hoodie; for some reason, I kind of hope not. And while that looks like some simple white t-shirt, I'll bet you the price tag has three digits. Or maybe it's a Hanes tshirt that just looks really awesome because it's Rihanna and that's the way it is. Anyway, I love all her accessories.

She doesn't look like she cares about low profiles here. This must be when Kemp hit a home run.

I love her makeup! Though I don't really have the proper eyelids to showcase eyeshadow or liner like RiRi, I thought about doing this for other teams, but then I realized the White Sox don't really have colors. Maybe I can throw some green in for Southpaw.

The last image is by Getty. I couldn't find a watermark-free version so I had to take a screengrab from the British MTV's site. I seriously considered BUYING the photo from Getty's website, but the pricing was complicated and when I tried to navigate it, they said they were gonna charge $164 or something. Ha! Please, this is the Internet.