Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's Sunday, so I spent the morning half-listening to The BS Report and looking at baseball cards on the internet. I don't know anything about the baseball card market-- I just appreciate that they're uniformly rectangular objects with images on them. Some cards look SO good. I love nostalgia cards and cards that resemble paintings, like this Chase Utley National Chicle card I got out of a pack I bought while in Door County, Wisconsin with my parents this summer (note: this is not an image of my card). Someday, I'm going to curate a show of my favorite baseball cards and write a really pretentious press release and have an opening with lukewarm white wine in clear plastic Solo cups. Maybe Kei and Mordecai will consider hosting a similar exhibition in their beautiful new house.

Anyway, I looked at a lot of refractor cards today:

Cool, right?


  1. Mordecai got me a pack of Bowman Chrome this weekend, and it had a MIGGY REFRACTOR! Then I thought about how tragic it would be if I couldn't draft Miggy this year. Life is so complicated.

    We've been slacking on organizing our cards. The ugly, one-shelfed Ikea bookcase still sits in our dining room, holding various cards that need to be sorted, sleeved, and stored. And then we need to figure out where to store/display the boxes of cards. This needs to happen before the 2011 card-collecting season starts rolling...which is...this Wednesday when Series 1 comes out! Uh oh.

  2. Hi Kei. I think that your new Miggy Refractor is a good omen for the Fantasy Baseball 2011 draft. I'm so ready for spring!