Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baseball as Experienced Through my iPhone

Here are some iPhone photos of my recent baseball activities:

Yankee Stadium, Hat Night

A page from my baseball card binder

Watching the Dodgers on my computer

Earlier today, an appropriately dreamy photo of Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels was great this afternoon. Here are two notable excerpts from his 2009 Sports Illustrated profile:

In early January 2009 Cole and Heidi drove their Jeep, with a U-Haul attached, from their house in suburban Philadelphia to Clearwater so Cole could start his off-season workouts at the Phillies' spring training facility. On the way they stopped in Orlando. There Heidi, a dedicated runner who has a master's degree in exercise physiology, ran a half-marathon and attended a convention on behalf of a company she has started with her sister Dawn called, which produces and sells inspirational T-shirts for female runners. (Cole manned the credit-card swiper.)

Hamels is also humble and quick to laugh at himself. He casts himself as the rube in many of the personal stories he tells. There was the time that shortstop Jimmy Rollins and a few other teammates invited him to play cards on the team plane. ("I was like, Sure, I know how to play poker, but it wasn't poker, and the next thing I know, all my meal money's gone.") And the misunderstanding over the 2010 Chevy Camaro he won as the World Series MVP and promised in a postgame interview to give to Heidi. ("I kept waiting for them to deliver it, so I finally called and they said you have to order it online, and it'll take eight months. I was like, I thought I just got the one that was on the field!")
I'm now listening to the Yankees-Red Sox game on the radio. No photos will be taken.

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