Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thome 600

Jim Thome hit his 599th and 600th home run last night. Of the eight players that have hit 600 home runs in their MLB careers, only Thome and A-Rod are still actively playing and only Thome is currently playing with a Major League team. Congratulations, Jim! I hear you're very nice.

This is a Jim Thome Upper Deck Rookie card with a "BUST" trophy on it. I wish I could say that it's related to Third Base or Bust, but alas, we have yet to publish our own series of baseball cards.
I don't get it-- how can a STAR ROOKIE also be BUST? Also, will Manny Ramirez emerge from his hideout on the moon to comment?

1 comment:

  1. On Sunday I had an idea to open up a diner. Mordecai suggested having baseball-themed dishes, and my big idea was to have a Jim Thome 600 Club sandwich! I'll get back to you when I have the exact contents of the sandwich, lol.