Friday, July 27, 2012

The Mid-Season Best of Cole Hamels

Sometimes the world provides you with an opportunity to return to yourself and remember the things that make you like being you.  I've been re-reading "Tender is the Night" this week for the first time since my junior year in college, when I was living in Aix-en-Provence and it was one of only two English novels I owned.  Do you know how good that book is?  And how sad? I LOVE reading sad books and I love F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Another thing I LOVE is taking photos of Cole Hamels on my iPhone.  Here are four of my favorites from before the All-Star break.

(Do you ever wonder why I don't take photos of my favorite Yankees on my iPhone?  It's because blocks out local games.)

Tonight is a great night for baseball.  Strangely, I'm actually going to leave my house and meet the world on its own terms.  That's what highlights are for!  And the iPhone app. DO YOUR BEST COLE.  STRIKE OUT A LOT OF PEOPLE AND DON'T WALK ANYBODY.

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