Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great Job, DJ

Tonight, the internet is talking about whether or not Derek Jeter can amass 1,001 hits and break Pete Roses's all-time hits record.  People say that he would have to play until he's in his late 40's. Go for it, DJ! You're already the world's best person. You might as well try to become the world's-best-person-who-has-also-hit-more-baseballs-than-any-other-person.  By then, I'll also be in my 40's and will have hit no baseballs in any context.  That's okay. We all have our own paths in life.

Something I would like the internet to tell me: what happened to the Yahoo! Sports MLB Photo Gallery?  Where else can I go to see hundreds of unsorted photos of unfamous MLB players? I had to use this un-new photo of Derek Jeter that Google unearthed from some unknown corner of the universe.  Oh well. Who cares about representing things as they are? Who really cares about the truth?

Congratulations to the Derek Jeter of today, yesterday, 10+ years from now and forever.  Thanks to the internet, you'll always be our one and only timeless Jeter.


  1. I need to know, too. I saw a picture of Manny Machado celebrating a run but it was cut off so that only the first 5% of his profile appeared in the picture and the rest of the photo was blurry crowdspeople :(

  2. Jeter has almost no chance of catching Rose, but he'll probably end up in the top 5. Among all the 3000-hit players he, and players like Molitor and Gywnn have been the most like Pete Rose; they did not compile hits by playing way too long after they became average hitters.