Thursday, August 16, 2012

Proof that I will watch any baseball game / Proof that every game is worth watching

A few weeks ago, I had to stay late at work and wait for our computer tech to install some software on our inventory laptops.  I should also have asked him to fix because it wasn't working properly.  The game I chose wasn't of any particular personal interest and the video feed was heavily distorted, but I very much enjoyed the hour or so I spent watching it.  ART. It's everywhere (especially if you work in an art gallery).  When I finally open Jenni's Sports Art Gallery, I'll definitely have at least one exhibition of "Bizarre Photos I took While Watching, 2010-2022*."**

At this point, I'll watch pretty much any Major League game.  There's always something worth observing: mascots doing telethon fundraisers, the length of Cole's hair, a franchise's first perfect game.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? KING FELIX PITCHED A PERFECT GAME! Here are some photos from the ninth inning:

I sort of like that this happened after Ichiro got traded to the Yankees.  Otherwise, the joy of Felix's accomplishment could have transitioned into awkward reflections on the slumping decline of Seattle's other superstar.  Instead, everyone got to feel UNTAINTED, EXHILARATING AMAZEMENT, which is one of the many things that sports can make you feel.*** 

Watch  See things.  Feel things. 

*Or whenever.
**I generate so many "Photos of" I could exhibit completely new sets of them every month (winter included) for the next ten years. However, at Jenni's Sports Art Gallery, you'll be able to see a wide variety of sports-related art, including my one sports painting, which is still not and may never be finished.
*** The other feelings being Anger, Happiness, Sadness, Prolonged Depression, The Mean Kind of Happiness that Stems from Someone Else's Sadness and UNTAINTED, UNEXHILARATING AGONY (in order of frequency).

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