Sunday, September 27, 2009

In Which I Fail to Conceal My Irrational Bitterness About the Impending End of the Baseball Season

With both the Yankees and the Dodgers headed to the playoffs, it's been a very celebratory sports weekend. Before we get to that, though, I'd like to rant for a minute about Yahoo! Sports. Their Fantasy Baseball Stat Tracker been consistently incorrect all week and their Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Flow Chart Calendar is the most ridiculously unclear and useless piece of crap ever published on the internet. Moreover, their real world baseball coverage has gotten meager and sloppy. This month, Yahoo's photo galleries shrunk from 25 pages of pictures to just 25 pictures and check out this caption:

REFILE-CAPTION CORRECTION. THE DODGERS DID NOT CLINCH THE NL WEST. Los Angeles Dodgers Ronnie Belliard(notes) (3) hugs teammate Matt Kemp(notes) (R) after their win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in their National League MLB baseball game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 26, 2009. REUTERS /Jason Cohn (UNITED STATES SPORT BASEBALL)

I guess Yahoo! just doesn't place much importance on clinching division titles. They certainly didn't care to upload any photos of the Yankees clinching theirs today against the Red Sox. Is it that important? I mean, beyond determining home field advantage for playoff games, I suppose not. Like the All-Star Game and its World Series home field advantage. Just not important. I know that most of the country is watching this thing called "Peyton Manning and his friends doing stuff" now, but GET IT TOGETHER YAHOO! SPORTS.

Anyway, as one might expect, the Yankees website has copious amounts of footage of today's post-game celebration. Even I couldn't watch it all (and not just because of the spectacular grossness inherent to the ritual of super rich dudes spraying champagne all over their bazillion dollar locker room). But I did watch a lot of it and am sharing with you now my favorite video screengrabs. Good work, team! CONGRATULATIONS, WINNERS.

This photo of Peter Pascarelli and Nick Swisher getting it in the face is for you, Kei!

Despite having now seen at least 100 photos of him,
I am always surprised by the weirdness of Mark Teixeira.

Aw, he is charming. And good at pitching.

DJ doing TV talk. Hopefully not as bored as he looks.

Robbie Cano got his 200th hit of the season today, joining Derek Jeter (207) and Ichiro Suzuki (216) at the top of the MLB hit leaders list. In fourth and fifth places are Hanley Ramirez (196) and Ryan Braun (192). I don't have anything against HanRam, so I'll cheer for him to get 200. For unknown reasons, I hate Ryan Braun, but I guess I'll still cheer for him to get 200. You know, as a lover of the game called "not Peyton Manning and his friends doing stuff."


  1. omg Peter!!! I'm sure he's super thrilled to be covered in champagne. He should've worn goggles. I've fallen behind on Baseball Today, it's sad. I also stopped saving the Yahoo baseball pictures like I used to--maybe Yahoo saw that someone with an IP address in Chicago isn't right clicking and saving their Getty images of baseball players so they cut down the quantity of pictures uploaded. It's not that I'm obsessed with football, but I can feel the lack of baseball love and it's making me depressed as well.

    Btw, I also dislike Ryan Braun. He's the Hebrew Hammer, so I feel obligated to kind of root for him, but he looks like an asshole. Did I rant about this already in another comment or post? Well, here it is again: I think Ryan Braun looks like a jerk and it's hard to root for someone like that.

  2. Hi Kei. On today's Baseball Today, Peter complained about how bad champagne smells and then went on to gripe that it "wasn't even the expensive stuff." He also claimed to be best friends with Derek Jeter, to which Eric Karabell replied "I'm sure you go to bars with him all the time." Peter then said, "No, he doesn't go to bars, he goes to clubs. His own private clubs."

    Now, I'm imagining Peter at a club and laughing. Did you hear the BT the morning after he almost got hit by a fly ball? That was a good episode.

    And yes, I'm pretty sure that your earlier statement against Ryan Braun exponentially increased my nascent dislike of him. I did like, however, how hard he cheered for Prince Fielder during the Homerun Derby. So, who knows?