Monday, February 22, 2010

New York, Ascendent

Per news reports, New York has taken a huge leap forward.

Detroit, however, has taken one huge step back. LINK


  1. Well, look who's back on the blog. Welcome home, Sam. Welcome to New York Grandy. Have fun in Detroit, Johnny Damon. You're in Kei's hands, now.

  2. Damon is pretty low-hanging fruit

  3. I don't like the way that sounds at all.

  4. From the Times article:

    "In the off-season, Granderson lives in a house on the edge of the Illinois-Chicago campus"

    "Granderson worked out some mornings this winter with the Illinois-Chicago team"

    Grandy and I are like, practically neighbors in the off-season! I should join the team or carry some bats or something. Maybe I'll check this facility out and do some reporting for the blog. I don't even know where any athletic things are done at UIC. I just know that I went to a Kylie Minogue concert at the UIC Pavilion, where basketball is played...I think?

    "Damon is pretty low-hanging fruit" LOL

    I read that Damon & Dontrelle are friends. Any friend of Dontrelle is a friend of mine.

  5. Kei, please do check out the UIC. This blog is dying for some first-person reporting.