Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playoffs Day 5

ALDS Game 4: Rays 5, Rangers 2
Series tied at 2
W: Wade Davis (1-0), L: Tommy Hunter (0-1)
S: Rafael Soriano (1)
HR: TB Longoria (1), TEX Cruz (3)

Top: The No-Power Rangers
Bottom: Evan Longoria awakens

The Rays don't win at home, the Rangers don't win at one wants to clinch this because everyone's afraid to take on the Yankees in the Championship Series. Affable Evan Longoria snapped his postseason slump today by hitting two doubles and a home run. The Rangers looked rattled, which makes sense considering that they probably thought they'd sweep this series without sweating a few days ago. Do-or-die game 5 will be played back at Tropicana Field, with David Price and Cliff Lee making their second starts on short rest. This is excellent news for the Yankees, as they probably won't have to face either ace until game 3 in the next round.

I just read on Yahoo! Sports that Texas is the only MLB franchise never to have won a playoff series and that they are 0-6 at home. I heard on the radio this morning that they have massive hunting trophies hanging in their locker rooms. If they win in Tampa tomorrow, do you think they'll kill and mount one of the devil rays that live at the stadium? Then again, I also heard that TB starter Wade Davis once shot and killed a 300-lb. black bear. So, you know, maybe not.

NLDS Game 3: Giants 3, Braves 2
Giants lead series 2-1
W: C. Romo (1-0), L: C. Kimbrel (0-1)
S: Brian Wilson (1)
HR: ATL Eric Hinske (1)

Top: Remember when Casey Blake got in trouble for mocking Brian Wilson?
Bottom: Brice Conrad made three errors in this game. Yikes.

Once again, I know nothing about what happened in this game. But isn't it unnatural how much darker Brian Wilson's beard is than his hair?

NLDS Game 3: Phillies 2, Reds 0
Phillies sweep series 3-0
W: Cole Hamels (1-0), L: Johnny Cueto (0-1)
HR: PHI Utley (1)

Top: Why so somber, Chuts?
Middle: A more understandably bummed Joey Votto
Bottom: Cole Hamels shuts the door.

I watched most of this game in the full-field mode on Connar's iPhone at Clare's Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, so it was pretty difficult to figure out what was going on. Can't they force teams to wear dissimilar uniforms for crucial games? I was really hoping that the Phillies would wear those blue hats, but I guess maybe those don't go on the road.

That said, even while watching flea-sized men on a Post-it-sized diamond, it was evident that Cole Hamels was pitching a gem. I know that at some point in the near, near future, I'll have to stop rooting for Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels, but for now I can say that I was beyond happy to watch Cole get the final three outs of the 9th inning and smile for the first time since 2008. Complete game shut out!

In his post-game interview, he said that Roy Halladay "makes him want to know himself better." He sounded like a mouse! I honestly thought he would sound like Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. Here's a bonus TR Coldplay highlights reel. Unlike Riggins, Cole Hamels is from San Diego, not Texas. Maybe my mental association makes no sense, but come on, they're both so BROODING.

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