Thursday, May 14, 2009

Casey Blake Hits Homers, Hates God

For the last few days, Casey Blake has been lighting up the internet on other people's blogs for his televised mockery of Giants' closer Brian Wilson. After hitting a home run off Wilson in the 12th inning, Blake was caught on tape aping Wilson's signature move in the Dodgers dugout. Wilson received images of Blake on his cellphone after shutting down the Dodgers in the 13th and became extremely upset. Apparently, the gesture is meant to honor God and Wilson's dead father. It also honors a mixed martial arts clothing line, although that's supposedly somehow related to God and death and all that.

First of all, it's crazy to me that Wilson received multiple photos of a televised image of Blake on his cell phone. Just further proof, I guess, that technology doesn't strengthen human just makes us all feel paranoid, threatened and alone. Admittedly, Casey looks like a total leering goon in the above image, but we all have our moments of weakness. Here's his official statement:

I'm not here to disrespect anybody on a personal level. Had I or anybody known that it was a religious deal or honored his father, I mean obviously you're not going to mock that or disrespect that in any regard. All the other teams see after a victory or after a save, he does it. Not knowing what it's about, you just see that. I didn't know what it was about. I did it back. I didn't really do it back to him. I did it in the dugout. Should I have done it? Probably not. It was kind of uncharacteristic of me.

I was excited. I was supposed to have the day off. I came in and had a big homer. I was excited. I got out of my box a little bit. Apparently they got real upset over it. Whatever.

Is there any better word on which to end any statement than "whatever?" Casey Blake just can't be bothered to give a shit.

Here he is getting a high five from Matt Kemp after his home run in tonight's game against the Phillies. It was his 7th of the year, putting him at the top of the Dodgers' home run leader board.

Yes, Casey Blake has now hit more home runs than Manny Ramirez. Mind boggling, I know.

Still, I feel less onboard the Blake bandwagon than I did last week. I really wanted to believe that Casey was some sort of down home, wholesome-hearted, bearded saint and that no jerkishness could possibly come from Iowa.

But, of course it can. Whatever.


  1. I assume this is not a written statement. To Blake's credit though, I would taunt a pitcher with mocking gestures if I hit a home run off of them and didn't know that the gesture had some personal/religious value. I cannot even begin to imagine the shenanigans I'd partake in if I hit off of Papelbon, or even K-Rod. Joe says Lincecum does an entire body flip if he pitches either a no-hitter or a shutout, I can't remember which, but that's a pretty good one--do something no one can mock, or would gravely injure themselves doing so.

  2. If only that were a written statement...or a TEXT MESSAGE.

  3. After Manny apologized to the Dodgers, Casey Blake was the only player that ESPN interviewed on-camera. I wonder if he's going to parlay this incident into wider baseball fame...he already has a creepy cult-like following on the internet (NOT just here), so this could really be his breakout year (celebrity-wise, too late for that to happen game-wise).

    If I hit a homerun off of Papelbon I would be severely tempted to throw the bat at his face. That said, if I struck out against Papelbon, I would probably also want to throw the bat at his face. I just hate him.