Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nick Swisher Meet and Greet

Have you seen Nick Swisher's funny new haircut? Well, if you're in New York and don't have other midday obligations, you can tomorrow...IN PERSON.

I'm going to tell him that my Fantasy team needs him to stop striking out. That aside, how can you not love a guy whose charity work involves selling SWISH & CHIPS?

UPDATE! 10:35pm

Well friends, here are photos of of me meeting Nick Swisher this afternoon. Third Base or Bust breaking into the real world....

I'll readily admit that I was more than a little starstruck, hence the low, unsteady quality of the camera-phone photos, but I'm happy to report that Nick Swisher is super nice! At the risk of sounding like an irredeemable dork, here is the conversation we had, verbatim:

Jenni: Hi Nick, I'm Jenni.
Nick: Hi!
Jenni: You're the star of our Fantasy league!
Nick: All right! [we high-five]
Jenni: Also, my friend in Chicago wanted me to tell you that she loves your hair.
Nick: Oh this? Really? Cool.
Jenni: Would you mind signing a card?
Nick: No problem. Nice to meet you.

So, Kei, Nick Swisher is aware of your existence, and yeah, I could've played it a bit cooler. Next time. After all, unlike some people, I'd never met a Major Leaguer before.

Anyway, walking back to the train, I tried to imagine the interaction from Nick Swisher's vantage point. I mean, the guy's not exactly killing it stats-wise, so it must have been at least somewhat surprising for him to hear that he was the STAR of an entire Fantasy league. He's been in an especially painful slump over the last two weeks, causing him to get benched and almost dropped from Ladies Love Us, but I'm glad I kept him on because a few hours later, HE HIT A HOME RUN AT HIS FIRST AT BAT!


I high-fived that hand! My vibrations are so awesomely cosmic right now....

Anyway, the Yankees are on an 8-game winning streak and I couldn't be happier. Go Swisher! Go Yankees! I LOVE BASEBALL!


  1. That's a great quad photo! He totally hit that home run knowing that he was the star of a fantasy league and from your high five!!! I remember sitting in the car with Mordecai and Joe and we were talking about what we could ask Koyie Hill. I cannot even being to imagine what I would say to Nick Swisher. This conversation was awesome, especially since I somehow sneaked in. Thanks so much for communicating this all-important message to him! Go Jenni!

  2. Thanks, Kei.

    Afterwards, I thought about what I'd say to Derek Jeter and the only thing I could come up with was "I really like your book."