Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The White Sox played the Indians early today, around 11:00AM CST. That means batting practice and warming up takes place well before 11:00AM, which sounds really early for a baseball game. Perhaps the White Sox players are a little jetlagged, even if only by one hour and despite having been in Cleveland for at least a day already. That might explain why some people got crabby and then...ejected!



Even when JD is putting his life into catching a ball out in the right field, he always looks so nonchalant, emotion-less, and subsequently makes everything seem so effortless. He got ejected today for arguing a called strike. I'm not sure if he was already ejected at the time this photo was taken, or if the ejection occurred after this photo was taken, because I read he flipped his helmet and bat "in disgust" and the helmet hit the umpire or something. The only other time I've seen him emote, at least as of late, was when he got hit by a pitch last week by some piece of shit Texas Ranger pitcher.

JD looks like he's in some horrible pain. This is exactly why Bobby Jenks threw a butt-pitch at Ian Kinsler in the same series but in a later game. Jenks then admitted to the "message" pitch after the game, and then got fined for a pathetic $750. Why bother? Does Ian Kinsler need a counseling session? A lot of people say Bobby should have kept his mouth closed even if everyone knew it was a purpose pitch, but I don't see any reason to censor him. There are numbers to prove his point. White Sox pitchers don't hit people, but CQ gets hit pretty much every game, and there is no justification for hitting Paulie or JD. Paulie has a growing bald spot, and JD is a gentleman, even with the mysterious scar. Jenks should pay the MLB in pennies.


  1. In the Baseball Today intro, Eric Karabell was like, "Coming up today, Bobby Jenks can't afford to feed his family." And then later, Peter said, "$750 is what they pay him per pitch. That's like fining an ordinary person $5." Then he cackled.

    The ump in the second photo looks like he fears for his life.

  2. I just started laughing out loud, thinking about Ian Kinsler lying on an analyst's couch. I'm an IK fan, but he looks like SUCH a little shithead.

  3. UPDATE: Jermaine Dye gets suspended and fined for this helmet move. He was "surprised" according to the Chicago Tribune and planned to appeal. So, he got to play the day the MLB said he was suspended. Umpires seem to think they are holy and untouchable; I suggest they get some g-damn bullet-proof glass cases or boxes to ump in. Shoo.

  4. Peter Pascarelli had some choice things to say about umpires who "think they're part of the show." Did you hear that Baseball Today?