Thursday, May 7, 2009


Oh, Manny.

Last night, I dreamt that Robbie Cano had been killed in a car crash-gunfight combination. The Yankees tried to cover up the news by reporting that he had been killed in a plane accident, which, okay, is the kind of thing that only makes sense in dreams. How did my brain know that today would be such a baseball downer?

Absolutely bummed out to the max...but, well, I guess at least NO ONE DIED.


  1. Well, it is starting to sound more like "Manny being stupid," as opposed to "Manny being amoral," but regardless this makes baseball about -10 points less fun to watch and makes my Fantasy team about -100 times less likely to end up in the Top 6 this year.

    So, we can scratch "Absolutely bummed out to the max" and substitute "Ugh, rough break."

  2. I totally agree that this is the worst.

    I am both upset and pissed-off. Not at Manny so much but more at this ridiculous system of drug testing, etc. Who gives a shit?

    The guy is paid millions of dollars to play baseball, ugh.

    I am more upset about this "tipping" scandal -

    maybe you can add him to your fantasy team, he's playing tomorrow.

  3. This is funny...on Baseball Today they were talking about the probability of A-Rod pitch-tipping and collectively decided that he was too dumb to actually do it. Which I believe.

    Anyway, some robot team has A-Rod. And even if they didn't, there's NO WAY IN HELL I would ever let him on my Fantasy Team.