Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UPDATE - More adorable photo found

While glancing at the sports section on Sunday, I saw this picture and immediately thought to myself, 'this may be a more adorable photo than that Pujols one.'

Well, I found the color version online and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the challenge has been met. This is now the most adorable baseball photo ever taken.

Any thoughts Jenni?


  1. If we're going to talk "adorable" and "Dodgers," I have to go with Matt Kemp. This one:


    Or this one, which maybe pushes the boundaries of conventional "adorableness," but I stand by it:


    Or here is Matt Kemp, all alone:


    That man was made for L.A.

  2. While I was looking at those DayLife photos, I noticed some articles about Casey Blake disrespecting God and the dearly departed after hitting a home run off Brian Wilson (the Giant NOT the Beach Boy) in extra innings this weekend.

    So maybe I was wrong when I said "Iowans don't mess with Jesus."

    Maybe Casey Blake is actually a disciple of Satan. Eh. I'm not especially bothered by that, as rural Iowa has a strong and proud joint tradition of devil magic and meth production...as long as Casey conforms to one of my Midwestern stereotypes, I'm fine with the world.