Monday, June 13, 2011

Derek Jeter 3,000 Hit Countdown

It's going to happen this week. It's going to happen this week! THIS WEEK.

Here's a link to an archive of related Sports Illustrated stories. I read the article about Derek Jeter's fan mail and this is my favorite part:
It would mean "so, so much" if Jeter would accept people's gifts of bubble gum, poems (2), cookies (by the 100s), audio letters (2), shoes (wrong size), needlepoint, novels (2), rambling seven-page essays about Pokemon (6, all from the same woman) and a dead woman's favorite Yankees T-shirt and shorts, which, after three weeks in a plastic bag, stank to wherever she is now. "It was her final wish," wrote her daughter. "I'm hoping they bring you luck."
I promise that I'm not the woman who sent six seven-page essays about Pokemon.

I probably couldn't even write one.

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