Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An old photo of Younger Mike Mussina and a new photo of Old Mike Mussina

I'm behind on "things I want to talk to you about on the internet," but I saw this photo on Yahoo! Sports Big League Stew, keyword Fashion Umpire and I didn't want to let it just drift away.

I miss Mike Mussina. He has gray stubble now:

In honor of the Fake Mustache Gray Moose, here are some tips on doing crossword puzzles from Martha Stewart and Will Shortz. I once tried to write enough Yankee puns to make a crossword theme, but quickly realized that 1) I'm not good at puns and 2) crosswords have a lot of rules. If anyone wants to incorporate "Robinson Canoe" into their baseball crossword puzzle, you may use it free of charge.

Later, we'll discuss Buster Posey's horrible, tragic, depressing, fantasy-team-stalling injury and some fashion photographs I saw of Cole Hamels.

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