Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Andre Ethier, Walk-Off Home Run Heart Throb

June has seen many of spring's sleepy hitters heat up at the plate, but few have done so more explosively than outfielder Andre Ethier, who recently passed King Casey as the Dodgers' most prolific home run hitter. After hitting three homers in last Friday's game against the Seattle Mariners, Ethier produced his fourth game-winning hit of the season against the suddenly spectacular Colorado Rockies by sending a ball into the center-field stands in the 13th inning.

But more importantly (to this blog), HE IS CUTE! Here's happy Andre celebrating another win for the most successful team in baseball.

Because I routinely make up facts, I've always believed that Ethier was Egyptian. Wikipedia, however, claims that he's of French and Mexican descent and lives in Arizona. Wikipedia also reveals Andre to be one of the few MLB players who did not name his first child after himself. And finally, he loves burritos. Here's an excerpt from his food blog, "Dining with 'Dre:"
We ordered and looked for a spot to sit. The dining area looked like the old living room of the house and about 10 or so picnic tables were scattered throughout. I patiently sat like a little kid waiting for my treats to arrive, but I already had one sitting in front of me - a red cream soda (my favorites of all favorites of any soda and this is one of the few places in town that serve it). Instant fifty extra bonus stars for this place. A few minutes had passed as I fell into a deep daydream of pleasure over my red soda. Then, my name was called.
There's something so Alice-in-Wonderland-surreal about this passage. What is red cream soda and could it be the secret to his surge of summer power?

I'll close with one tiny tidbit of relatively unimportant Dodgers news and one item of great personal interest: Manny comes back on Friday. AND THEN I GET TO SEE HIM CASEY BLAKE TWICE NEXT WEEK.


  1. a couple of summers ago i was really confused because i came across Andre Ethier the Dodger listening to vin scully on my xm, and then the song "honeybee" by Andre Ethier the Singer while listening to another xm station. i eventually learned that i wasn't delusional, and there were 2 Andre Ethiers on xm. (a photo of Andre Ethier the Singer.) that summer i yelled "YOU'RE MY HONEYBEE!" at Andre Ethier the Dodger, and would've yelled it at Andre Ethier the Singer if i had had the chance.

    anyway, Andre Ethier the Singer has a song called "Pride of Egypt". but he's not egyptian either.

  2. Thank you for this information, Alisa. There must be some sort of Egypt Ehtier conspiracy.