Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is Mark Teixeira's Angry Face

Last night, after being hit twice by errant balls from Rangers pitcher and former clubhouse foe Vicente Padilla, an angry Mark Teixeira scored verbal retribution by telling Yankees beat reporters that Padilla is "unprofessional." Here are two photos of Teixeira's on-field reaction, courtesy of the Post and the Daily News:

I would say that Mark Teixeira lacks the ability to emote facially, but I've definitely seen him open his mouth REALLY WIDE when happy. So, I don't know. Maybe he's a new kind of humanoid that only transmits straight-laced positive vibes...a law-bot prototype designed by corporations to combat the free-wheeling, free-love mayhem inherent to the impending Age of Aquarius. I mean, what would YOU do if someone threw a blazing fastball at your ass?

But because I've already promised not to overly mock Teixiera on this blog (and honestly, I do love the guy), I'll end by admitting that many baseball players make strange faces. Here are two of the league's best closers celebrating narrow wins. First, we have Man Mountain attempting to jump for joy after preserving the Dodgers' amazing 8th inning comeback against the D'backs:

Both heels off the ground! I love Jonathan Broxton! Go Dodgers! And here's Jonathan Papelbon after getting himself out of a bases-loaded 0-outs situation against the Tigers in the 9th:

So scary, so gross. He needs to learn to CLOSE HIS MOUTH. I hate Jonathan Papelbon! Boo Red Sox!

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