Friday, June 5, 2009

Dodgers vs. Cubs, 5/28/09

Long time no see, TBOB! I can't bring myself to post images of Wrigley Field on my own blog, and the content is more appropriate to TBOB anyway so here are some pictures I took at a recent Dodgers vs. Cubs game I attended.

I'm not sure if they always put up opposing teams' flags and their respective state flags, but that's kind of nice. Los Angeles' flag is so festive. Across the street from this corner, I bought a bag of pistachios. PISTACHIOS. I love pistachios, but I had never seen them at a baseball game.

Hot dawgs! Here's the first hot dog sighting, an Oscar Mayer hot dog vehicle. Slightly related story: I played softball in 7th grade and we played at Oscar Mayer Elementary School's field one day, where I hit the only home run of my life. It caught everyone, especially me, by a surprise, and I was tired as hell running around those bases.

Second hot dog sighting, a man in a hot dog suit. I have no idea why he was there like that, but if you're going to dress up as a hot dog, you might as well come to a ball game.

Final hot dog sighting: edible hot dogs! The man running the drinks at this stand jokingly refused to sell me a Coke because I had a Dodgers hat on. He asked if I was from L.A. and I said I'm from Chicago, so he was especially insulted. I wonder what he would think if I told him I was really a White Sox fan despite spending a large portion of my childhood/adolescence half a block away from Wrigley, having Ernie Banks' and Koyie Hill's autographs, and having gone to day care with Shawn Dunston's daughters? Sucker. A dollar is a dollar, mang.

So we went to this game because Mordecai's friend had an extra ticket. Mordecai bought another ticket in a nearby section so the three of us could go together. We sat together in one section in the second to last row, and no one bothered us or checked our tickets. So we shared this wonderful obstructed view of the game.

We had a non-obstructed view of the scoreboard. How informative it is! I understand it's old school or whatever, but I'd like to see the lineups when I'm sitting in another planet, unable to really see anything.

Matt Kemp! Thankfully, my camera has amazing zoom. After taking a picture from light years away, it adjusts things to make things a little crisp.

Last but not least, Casey Blake on deck! Or is that pre-on deck? he looks like he's gonna hurt somebody. I took this picture when I went to get my Coke on a lower level. I was trying to get a closer view for Jenni.

The Dodgers beat the Cubs that day. Bobby Scales hit a home run for the Cubs, but the Dodgers scored two runs in the first couple of innings. The two Randy pitchers were doing alright I guess, but I have to say I wasn't paying attention too much until Scales hit that home run and the Cubs put Koyie Hill in only to take him out and put Kosuke in instead. Anyhoo, it felt good to wear a Dodgers hat in Wrigleyville after the Cubs were defeated. Go Dodgerzzz!

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  1. Thank you for this blog post, Kei. It made my Friday.

    Casey looks scary! But I will cherish this photo forever. I can't wait to see the Dodgers v. Mets (in July). I will try to rein in my Mets hate for Mordecai's sake.

    Other readers...I KNOW SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN TO GAMES. We want your photos and first-hand reports!!!!!!!!