Thursday, June 4, 2009

Big Unit Hits 300

Randy Johnson got his 300th win against the Washington Natinals this afternoon. Please consult this ESPN photo gallery to see how much Johnson's hair hasn't changed in 20 years.

Although many people are saying that no other active pitcher will be capable of accomplishing this feat, ESPN's Jayson Stark claims otherwise. Sadly, the thing that most struck me about Stark's article is that I am the same age as C.C. Sabathia. Really? I feel so old and unaccomplished. I THOUGHT HE WAS, like, 40!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I like the ESPN article about what it's like to hit against Randy Johnson. Chipper thanks God everyday that his dad taught him to be a switch-hitter, and someone feared death when they went up against him. The Yahoo! article on Randy and how the D'BAGS aren't going to care about Randy's 300th was stupid. Who cares if Randy is a lonesome cowboy? It'd be wrong if he were super friendly and pitched like he reportedly does. It's absolutely fitting that he and O-Hud were buddies, though.

    It's funny that the D-train is on this list, given that everyone on the Tigers is doing what they can to salvage his career. It should be made into a documentary, but there's one about pitching called "Sugar" that is out in theaters now supposedly that I totally missed out on.