Sunday, August 23, 2009

Younger than Jeter: The Generational

First comes love, then comes marriage (and honeymoons), then comes...BABIES! The only thing that ever makes me want to have children is the Little League World Series, which began yesterday and can be seen on a variety of television and internet outlets. Watching Team Japan cry after losing the 2007 Little League World Series championship game to Team U.S.A. is one of my dearest baseball memories. The kid with the glasses (see below)...that's an image I'm taking with me to the grave.

Of course there's crying in baseball!

Japanese kids are the cutest. Cute enough to make me like the Red Sox, despite my disdain for Dice-K and his horrible season (photo via Kei).

Non-Japanese kids are pretty cute, too. This photo of Jonathan Papelbon and his daughter Parker almost makes me sorry for all of the times I've called him a sociopath on this blog. (I'm not actually sorry because I'm pretty sure it's true.)

Now that the gap between the Red Sox and the Yankees is comfortably large, it's hard to really hate them. That would be like hating the Mets (i.e. petty). Let's extend this rare tide of good will by looking at some baby photos of current BoSoxians. This very thorough fan blog has lots, but I'll just give you Boston's best and worst looking players.

Tacoby, Pedroia...but you probably already knew that.

I own an entire book of Jeter kid photos, but this is the only one I can find on the internet:

HE'S THE COOLEST! Maybe someday, if I stop drinking, my future child will be as cool as Derek Jeter.


  1. I'm not gonna lie, I want a son so I can raise him to MLB status. But I announced this out loud once, and Joe said, "Oh, you want your child to hate you." Ha! Maybe I can trick it to thinking it voluntarily wants to be a pro baseball player. Just kidding, future child who will have Google 3000 to find everything I ever wrote on the internet.

  2. Joe doesn't know what he's talking about! How could a love of baseball so strong not be passed down via DNA?

    It would be wild if we had kids and they were Twinz.

  3. But damned if they were on the Twins! haha. It'd be awesome if we had Twinz kids!