Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Actually, We Won

For a few days, now, I've been thinking about how to best articulate the absolutely wonderful wrongness of my predictions from last Tuesday. Instead of encouraging you to follow me further up the fantastical mountain of Yankee-mythologizing or indulging my dark certainty that the near future will be nothing more than a heartbreaking regurgitation of the cruel past, I'll just give you some facts that made me happy this weekend.

1. The Yankees finally beat Roy Halladay.
2. They then blanked Boston for 31-scoreless innings and swept the four game series.
3. This put them 6.5 games up in the AL East...
4. ...And ahead of the Dodgers to claim the best record in baseball.

Good work, team! Here's some notable photos:

Derek Jeter congratulates Johnny Damon

A-Rod hits a walk-off homer against Boston

Hahaha. These photos never get old. D-Ped showing his inner rodent.

Curtain Call for King C.C.

As I write, the Yankees are losing in early innings against the Blue Jays and Kevin Youkilis has been ejected from the Tigers game after charging this guy on the mound.

Seriously? Rick Porcello is barely 14-years old. Youkilis, you are a monster. It sounds like bad things are happening to the Tigers over at Fenway, so I'll close with another handsome face from their starting rotation...right-handed pitcher Justin Verlander, shown here getting pied after throwing the first-ever no-hitter at Detroit's Comerica Park on June 12, 2007.

This one's for you, Kei! I can't wait for the wrap-up of YOUR weekend!

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  1. Clearly, I need to go to bed earlier, as I totally missed this post while re-posting my "David & Goliath" here late last night.

    Once I find that goddamn camera cable, I will write about Detroit and the exciting game against Minnesota!