Monday, August 31, 2009

More Photos of Crying Baseball Babies

It's time to re-brand this blog: in lieu of attractive Major League Baseball players, we will now publish nothing but photos of crying Asian children.

As you can probably tell, the team from Taoyuan, Taiwan didn't win today's Little League World Series championship game. Here's the ESPN highlights reel, which includes shots of a Taiwanese kid eating M&Ms in the dugout, a 6 ft. 212 lb. American boy getting intentionally walked, and an amazing and frighteningly violent victory pileup. It concludes with the somewhat strange image of the Taiwanese team on their knees, scooping dirt into plastic bags. No tears are shown.

Oh! I forgot to tell you who won...congratulations, Team Chula Vista, California!

Do Americans ever NOT win the Little League World Series? If so, is this why international teams aren't invited to play in the real World Series?

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  1. I watched this with Christopher Thorne. Then we went to karaoke and sang "Aqualung."