Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All-You-Can-Eat Farm Game, August 13th*

Hi friends! After months of separation, Sam and I were reunited last week by fate, sausage and Eric Holt. To celebrate the occasion, we decided to meet again in about two weeks. Fate, sausage and Eric Holt will be there this time around, as well.

Please join us for the first annual Third Base or Bust Staten Island Yankee event on Thursday, August 13th at 7pm. If all goes as planned, we'll get to drink tall boys on the ferry, eat a bazillion hot dogs, put our group name in lights on the scoreboard (exact phrasing pending...for some reason, Sam seems to think that "THIRDBASEORBUST" won't make it past the decency committee), and see some fireworks.

Oh, and we all get hats.

Beth and I plan on dressing like pre-teens so that we can run the bases after the game.* Not sure if this will work for any of the rest of you, but you're welcome to try!

In any case, email Sam or me if you'd like to come. BELIEVE US, WE WANT YOU THERE.

And finally, Dodger fans don't know crap about evaluating attractiveness. CASEY BLAKE #4? NOT EVER, NO WAY, GET A CLUE.**

*In my excitement, I incorrectly listed the date as "Thursday, August 15th," which would not be this year. Also, I forgot that I can't run. Beth will run around the bases and I will hobble after her.
**I want to add that this paragraph prompted a very funny but wrong-minded email response, which was titled, "Casey Blake should be ranked no higher than third," and read, "You're just blinded by your farmlust. Those LA women are different animals." WTF does farmlust have to do with it? Casey Blake is from Des Moines! It's a city, Matt.

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