Friday, July 17, 2009

White Sox Meet & Greet

Mordecai, Joe, and some other friends and I were able to attend the First Annual FansEdge Sports Memorabilia Show out in Rosemont, Illinois yesterday. There was free admission, a chance to win a free Pete Rose autograph, and it was White Sox Day! Mordecai and I had decided earlier in the week to get Harold Baines, Josh Fields, and Alexei Ramirez autographs, and I decided at the last minute to get Chris Getz's autograph because he's adorable. Mordecai also won the green Pete Rose ticket and got an autograph on a baseball. Anyway, I felt it was my duty to report to TBB readers what these folks looked like in person.

Alexei is not that weird-looking off the field. His proportions are still kind of off--you can't tell in the photo above, but his head looked small while his shoulders looked kind of broad and muscular, and then his forearms looked kind of short, but not gangly like one might think judging from his looks on the field. I guess that sounds like he's categorically weird-looking, but he didn't look like an alien, a lizard, or a chipmunk. He just looked like a thin Cuban dude, I guess. I think he'd look good in a white suit and matching fedora. I forgot to tell him that I like how he spins before he throws, though I'm not sure he would've understood me.

Oh wait, he looks totally alien/lizard/chipmunk-like here! And I shook his hand. He had a cool, reptilian, weak handshake!

That's Dan, asking if he can take a photo with him. Communication was successful! Mordecai just took pictures without waiting for a response.

Here I am with second baseman Chris Getz. He had a strange shirt on, like he was gonna go clubbing after the signing. I think he looks a lot better than Gordon Beckham, who looks like a combination of Seann William Scott, a.k.a. Stifler from "American Pie," and Ben McKenzie of "The O.C." fame. A bad combination, in my opinion.

Speaking of Gordon Beckham, who was not present at this event, here I am with Josh Fields. Josh Fields doesn't get as much playing time anymore because Our Supposed Savior, Gordon Beckham, is here to lead the White Sox into the glory days.

While I'm at it, I should post this funny picture of first base coach Harold Baines looking at me.

And finally, here is Pete Rose and his girlfriend from the Josh Fields line:

I found it strange and interesting that she looked better the closer you got to her. I hope Pete is happy. I know I'm happy with all these autos, photos, and baseball cards!


  1. Pete Rose is dating Paris Hilton?

    I LOVE THIS POST! I want to go to a baseball card show sooooooooo bad.

  2. More like Brooke Hogan. I wonder what the Hulk would do if Pete Rose tried to date his daughter.

    Also, I meant "Here is a picture of Pete Rose and his girlfriend, taken from the line to see Josh Fields." As far as I know, Petey didn't steal this woman from from Josh Fields' (Nonexistent) Fan Club.