Tuesday, July 28, 2009

burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls PART 2

I realize that Jenni beat me to the punch on this, but I wanted to chime in because:

1. although I haven't been following the Sox that much this year, they are purportedly my favorite team;
2. Mark Buehrle is a fun pitcher to watch because he pitches very quickly; and
3. I happened to be in Chicago this week where Mark Buerhle is being treated like deity by even Cubs fans.

In light of his pretty spectacular performance I am a little hesitant to criticize Burrrls on his looks. However, I would like to point out that although many team have started to do that shaving cream in the face after games, the White Sox have been doing it forever and for whatever it's worth Buerhle seems to have a great sense of humor. Or at least Toby Hall does.

congrats to Buerhle - although to be honest I'm not sure why he would feel it's necessary to buy stuff for everyone on the team. Via AP:

In addition to responding to the dozens of well-wishers, Buehrle also was trying to figure out what to buy his teammates and coaches as a reward.

He got watches for everybody after the no-hitter against the Rangers.

This time around, he's considering cuff links and tie clips. He's also thinking of having a painting made from a still photo of Wise's spectacular grab.

Don't these guys make millions of dollars themselves? The painting idea is pretty sweet though - Maybe he can get this guy to do it.


  1. I know that everyone thinks that Kei and I are the same person, but let me point out that she's the actual author of our previous MB post.

    Maybe I will become a baseball artist/art dealer. The first item on my agenda will be to sell A-Rod a 10 ft. portrait of himself. Anyone in the market for a Derek Jeter drawing? I've already done, like, five and they are AWESOME.

  2. That's a funny error. Thank you for adopting my "burrrrrrrls" title!

    One of my favorite parts of his press conference was that he said, "Last time, I got all the guys watches..." Who the hell gets to fill in this sentence, "The last time I had a no-hitter..."???

  3. Apologies to Kei for being unawares as to who wrote the original burrrrls post...However, I would be glad to adopt a drawing of Jermaine Dye...

    it's true that he holds a haloed position, but why does he have to buy anything?