Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grampy Getting it Done, Robbie Having a Moment

Because Kei has gotten me hooked on the Yahoo! Sports baseball photo gallery and because this weekend is the first Yankees-Red Sox series of the year, here's another post commemorating another stomach-wrenching victory of the ugly over the not ugly. It's always hard when your team scores 11 runs and you still don't win, but alas, that's how it went last night in 4.5 hours of pitcher-bashing baseball.

Mike Lowell, who plays for my Fantasy opponent's team and must be, like, a billion years old, hit a three-run homer in the seventh, putting the Red Sox ahead 12-10. This wasn't even the most upsetting comeback of the night, as A.J. Burnett (looking hideous below) had a complete mental meltdown some time in the fourth and gave up a 6-0 lead.

The hero of the night was batting champ Robbie Cano, who went 3 for 6, with 2 home runs and 5 RBIs. Look at him barely reacting while he watches his ball sail out of Fenway...he's just THAT AWESOME. And, okay, those gum-chewing pictures aren't from yesterday, but let's all just pretend that after slamming his second HR, he went into the dugout and blew some bubbles to unwind.

In non-Yankees news, both Grady and Manny really whiffed it last night, going 0 for 9, collectively. Racy Casey, on the other hand, managed to save my Fantasy average by batting .500 via one hit and two walks. Hey Blake, any way you can....

Will the Yankees get swept by the Red Sox tonight? Will Grady re-emerge from his one-day hole of suckiness? Stay to follow, tomorrow, I'm sure.

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