Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swisher Takes the Mound

Kei and I have been diligently monitoring our respective Fantasy Baseball teams, and at 10:41 pm last night, she texted me to ask if Nick Swisher-- the Yankees intermittent first baseman, clubhouse DJ and confirmed ugly person-- was pitching against the Rays. And, believe it or not, HE WAS!

Moreover, Jorge Posada was playing first base and both Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon were sitting on the bench. Totally wacky...but I guess it makes sense, considering how badly they were losing (15-5, goddamn Rays). During his one inning on the mound, Swisher had one walk, one strikeout, and no earned runs. Not bad!

While I initially felt that Swisher was too gnarly to play for the Yankees, I've had a complete change of heart this April. The dude looks kind of like Jack Black, is batting .471, and gets constantly praised by the Yankees beat reporters as being the funniest, most affable creature ever to wear pinstripes. I can go along with that.

Welcome to New York, Nick! Thank you for not sucking (yet)!

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