Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Pitch

In recent memory I can't think of a time that I made it to a baseball game in time to see the ceremonial first pitch. But every time I do I'm convinced that it's going to be someone awesome and it never is. It's always some sweepstakes winner or corporate VP for marketing of x or y sponsor. Maybe someday I'll strike gold

Barack Obama abandoned his promise to throw out the first pitch at the White Sox home opener. Instead they had to settle for a lousy meet and greet.

Look at AJ Pierzynski in the back - still looking creepy with that bleached hair, even in a suit jacket. But I suppose in fairness I should point out that Obama has done the honors in the past

At least this would never happen to the White Sox first fan

Of course there have been some other notables to throw this season, I'm thinking specifically of Jeff Tweedy from Wilco and this dude with a boa constrictor. There is no connection, I don't think

No real point to this one. Sorry.

Right at the beginning you get a nice close-up of Cubs standout Jeff Samardzija in action walking off the field.

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  1. is jeff tweety havinga personal moment with that ball? what are your thoughts on his looks? thirdbase or bust worthy?