Monday, October 5, 2009

#24 on Your Scorecard, #1 in Our Hearts

"You can't forget about him.  I believe that even in this winter, in my sleep, he will appear in my dreams. To play together with that hero of mine, in the same uniform -- and on top of that, in Seattle -- that time we got, even now, seems like a dream. I believe that time with him will continue."

-Ichiro Suzuki, on the possibility of Ken Griffey Jr. returning to the Mariners next year (quote via ESPN

Everyone loves #24! Please see the below post for proof of Kei's steadfast devotion to her favorite baseball player,  #24 Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers.

Coincidentally, my number one is also a #24.

Robbie's looking a little rough there.  My second favorite #24, Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians, has also seen better days.

Grady, what's going on with your life, right now? I'd like to blame it on the post-surgery pharmaceuticals, but just to be safe, I'll never look at photos of you in street clothes again.  Love may be blind, but sometimes you have to help it along by deliberately closing your eyes to the truth.

Don't forget to cheer for the Tigers tomorrow, everyone!

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  1. Is there a rule that says baseball players must dress like this when off the field? Does someone supply baseball players with these kinds of clothes???