Thursday, October 22, 2009

Championship Series Days 7 & 8: It's Only Half Bad, Los Angeles

NLCS MVP and nice guy, Ryan Howard

NLCS Game 4: Phillies Go the Distance
Phillies 10, Dodgers 4
Philadelphia wins series in 4
W: Durbin (1-0)
L: Padilla (0-1)
HR: LAD Ethier (1), Loney (2), Hudson (1)
PHI: Werth x 2 (3), Feliz (1), Victorino (1)

I was out last night with no cellphone reception at Sam (not Weber) and Jamie's super great CMJ showcase, so beyond the basic fact that the Dodgers are now done for the year, I really have no idea what happened in this game. The gallery is full of obnoxious photos of Jayson Werth (smoking cigars, taking champagne showers, hitting TWO HOME RUNS), which I refuse to post here. After our tumultuous Fantasy Baseball relationship, I am so sick of Jayson Werth and his streaky production and his horrible facial hair. This guy has been my life's main antagonist since some time this summer and the thought of having to see him play in the World Series makes me pray even harder for a Yankee sweep.

Here's a photo of Casey Blake and Clayton Kershaw looking bummed. They were on my Fantasy team, too, but in a non-emotionally abusive way.

See you next season, friends. Now about that other L.A. team....

While watching tonight's Yankees-Angels game, I did an informal text survey (of Kei and Sam [Weber]) to see if Lackey v. Burnett was the ugliest starting pitcher match up of the post-season, so far. Both of them said "maybe." I'd have to go back and review all of the past games to be certain, but it's kind of hard to argue against:

Sam did an about face on Lackey's doughy visage, which he had previously called "likable," and proclaimed A.J. Burnett better looking. This was doubly surprising, given Sam's earlier distaste for Burnett and his ostrich hair, but we're all allowed to change our minds. As Kei noted, A.J. doesn't look nearly as much like a strung-out meth fiend with his hat off.

ALCS Game 4: Yanks Leave the Door Open
Angels 7, Yankees 6
Yanks lead series 3-2
W: Jepsen (1-0)
L: Hughes (0-1)
S: Fuentes (1)

Some things I've noticed from watching this series on FOX:

1. Joe Girardi does not emote. Possibly evil.
2. Scott Boras is always on the phone. Definitely evil.
3. John Lackey sounds like an inarticulate muppet.
4. There is a new kind of CIALIS for daily use, as opposed to the regular 36-hour kind.
5. Torii Hunter is super funny.
6. Jeter has a cold.
7. The Black Jack taco is not something I want to eat.
8. Toyota is the official car of BOTH the Giants and the Jets...further to that, Eli Manning is way more charming than Mark Sanchez.
9. Ozzie Guillen is going to do commentary on the World Series.

This game was nuts. I don't want to recap it because I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we lost. Here's some photos.

A-Rod and Teix: Just Another Night of the Weird Twins Acting Weird

I told you Melky got evil. Smiling Cano less bratty than Tuesday.


I'm actually not that upset about this series coming back to the Bronx. New York always feels better when the Yankees are in town. Jeter makes the sun shine brighter. It's going to be a long winter once he goes back down to Florida.

Game 6 will be on Saturday night. Go Yankees!

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  1. This game was insane.

    "2. Scott Boras is always on the phone. Definitely evil."

    He also never sits down. Joe suggested that sitting is a sign of weakness, which Boras can't show. Mordecai muttered about hemorrhoids.

    "7. The Black Jack taco is not something I want to eat."

    The Black Jack taco is pretty good. In fact, it might be better than regular tacos from Taco Bell. The music for that commercial is pretty cool, too.

    I'm watching a PPV UFC match tomorrow (half-Brazilian, half-Japanese man is fighting), but I will bring my iPhone charger so that I can watch the game as well in that four-screen format!