Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 6: Phillies Rally; Rock Denver; Reprise Dodger Destiny

Jayson Werth is everywhere these days! Here he is, once again standing head and shoulders above the rest of his teammates.

Phillies 5, Rockies 4
Phillies win series in 4
W: Madson (1-0)
L: Street (0-2)
S: Lidge (2)
HR: PHI Werth (2), Victorino (1)

Top: Chutley testing the air; Bottom: Giambi failing to groom properly

These divisional series have been stacked with improbable rallies and ninth-inning wins.  Championship baseball.  It's awesome.  Next up, the Phillies at the Dodgers in the NLCS on Thursday, then the Angels at the Yankees in the ALCS on Friday.

I called it in April...YANKEES v. DODGERS WORLD SERIES!!!!!

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