Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Championship Series Day 6: Thanks, A-Rod!

The Yankees were pretty great tonight and A-Rod was amazing, going 3-4 with a home run, two RBIs, three runs, and a stolen base. With his October bat finally on fire, he's been looking more ghoulish than goofy these days. There's something almost three-dimensional about the above photo (taken from the happily revived and thriving Yahoo! Sports MLB photo gallery) and I don't doubt that tonight I'll have nightmares about A-Rod stepping out of my computer screen and murdering me in my sleep. That's okay. As long as he keeps us marching down the road to World Domination, I won't complain.

Yankees 10, Angels 1
Yanks lead series 3-1
W: Sabathia (2-0)
L: Kazmir (0-1)
HR: NYY Rodruiguez (3), Damon (2); LAA: Morales (1)

It's rude to make fun of the Angels, but their home run fireworks waterslide is lame. Not only does it smoke up the TV cameras, but it also makes the stadium look like baseball Disney Sea. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE DISNEY SEA...but as far as stadiums go, I much prefer the glorious mausoleum look (Yankee Stadium!). I maybe even prefer the cheesy suburban mall look (Citi Field). Besides, you shouldn't have to shoot explosives into the air to celebrate something as commonplace as a home run.

(I do, however, support Cleveland's practice of shooting off fireworks in between innings to keep birds off the field. GO AWAY! NO BIRDS IN BASEBALL!)

C.C. Sabathia was unbelievable on just three days of rest. Halfway through the game, Fox put up a hideous Sabathia caricature, which was accompanied by three "personality" tidbits. The first two were about football and the third said, "He used to have an imaginary friend named Danny." They should have also said, "He has a beautiful speaking voice," because during his post-game interview I kept thinking about how blissful it would be to fall asleep to an audiobook of him reading Moby Dick. Why Moby Dick? I dunno. Maybe because C.C. weighs 290 lbs, but maybe just because that book is a major snooze.

Moving on.

Watching this game also taught me that Melky Cabrera has transformed from a lovable chipmunk to a hate-eyed demon and that Robbie Cano is becoming an awful brat. Granted, even creaky-kneed Posada should have been able to score from second on the double that Robbie hit to deep center in the fifth, but look at him just not giving a shit after not getting tagged out at third base later that inning. Dude, you were out. You didn't even TRY to step on the base. Stop looking so smugly disinterested and GROW UP.

Oh, Figgins looks mad! Robbie, I love you forever, but your attitude is embarrassing.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when the Dodgers attempt to stay alive. Should be a good one.

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  1. That last picture is funny. Chone Figgins looks like a woodland creature! Especially when he was pumping his fist hitting a double late in one of those games that the Angels eventually lost. I root for Robbie and Matsui every time they're up! I think Robbie should always wear his ski mask whenever he plays baseball.

    Also yes, CC's voice should always be on loudspeakers at all times. He is the new Morgan Freeman; he should narrate...everything, ever.