Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dodgers Win!

Last night, the Dodgers finally snapped their losing-streak-magic-number-stalemate to beat the Rockies 5-0.  Here's a photo of blog favorite Clayton Kershaw throwing a glass bottle in the air.  Clayton, that's dangerous!  I don't think he was of legal drinking age last year when the Dodgers clinched the West, so he probably has a lot to learn about alcohol safety.

I couldn't find any photos of Casey Blake pouring beer all over his beard, but above please find photos of Matt Kemp, Juan Pierre and Andre Ethier.  Did you know that "Andre Ethier" is the most frequently searched phrase that leads to this blog?  Seriously. There's, like, two pages of "Andre Ethier [blah blah blah]" phrases on our Google Analytics page. I guess people just really love him.

YEAH, ME TOO!!!!!!  Congratulations, second favorite baseball team! I hope you don't get crushed in the first round!

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