Thursday, October 1, 2009

Phillies Party, Sox Lose, Both Clinch

The Phillies clinched their third straight NL East title last night by beating the Houston Astros 10-3. Congratulations, Phil!

Paying tribute to announcer Harry Kalas, R.I.P.

Fancier teams spray each other with champagne, but the Phillies would rather get wasted.

The Red Sox clinched the AL Wild Card late Tuesday night by losing 8-7 to the Toronto Blue Jays. Lucky for them, the Rangers also lost. calls their celebration "unusual." This is Google image's answer to the search phrase "Red Sox Clinch:"

"Hey Mark, how do you do a high-five again?"

I've been thinking a lot about baseball mascots recently (more to come), so I was slightly concerned by last night's lack of Phillie Phanatic photo footage. I mean, maybe (s)he doesn't drink, but shouldn't (s)he show up with a seltzer and support his/her team? I googled "Phillie Phanatic likes to get drunk" and this is what happened:

I guess that green thing had other priorities. Okay, COME ON DODGERS. STOP LOSING AND WIN THE WEST.

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  1. I appreciate this coverage of division wins. It's much more interesting than looking at standings in the iPhone At Bat app!