Thursday, October 29, 2009

World Series Game 2

Time and destiny have been out of sync this week. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys were supposed to perform yesterday, but then it rained. The Yankees were supposed to win yesterday, but then Cliff Lee pitched nine almost-shut-out innings. Did you know that he took TWO different trains to the game yesterday? Now that we're tied at one game apiece, it's okay for me to say this: I sort of love Cliff Lee. HE TOOK THE SUBWAY TO THE WORLD SERIES. And no one recognized him. Amazing.

Anyway, the thing about baseball is that yesterday is just yesterday and today can always be your day.

Here are some funny screen-shots of DJ and Mo watching "Empire State of Mind:"

Jeter's game face; Mariano Rivera awakened to the joys of non-Christan rap

And here's a photo of the Yankees celebrating their win:

Johnny Damon can't figure out why he's not high-fiving A-Rod. Well, Johnny, it's because A-Rod hasn't gotten a hit yet this series. I've come mostly around on A-Rod this month, but it's undeniable that that man has mental problems. Teixeira, on the other hand....

Hey there buddy, you hit a home run! Everything's going to be juuuussst fiiiine. Here's the box score:
World Series Game 2: The Empire Strike Back
Yankees 3, Phillies 1
Series tied 1-1
W:Burnett (1-0)
L: Martinez (0-1)
S: Rivera (1)
HR: NYY Teixeira (1), Matsui (1)

Jeter made a bad bunt late in the game, but he also turned this AWESOME double play:

AND he won the Roberto Clemente award for being the most outstanding human being in baseball. Just another day in the life of Derek Jeter.

I have enough joy in my heart to show the Phillies a bit more love on this blog. Here's Pedro Martinez as he exits in the seventh inning.

I've seen plenty of photos of guys giving it up for God after home runs and well-earned base hits, but it's unusually awesome to see a losing starting pitcher doing it after getting pulled from his game. Did you watch his press conference yesterday? New York, Jay-Z and Jeter be damned, Pedro Martinez just doesn't care what you think.

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