Monday, March 23, 2009

Baseball's Brat Pack

I was reading some meaningless article about Tom Glavine and I was struck how this is a guy who has been around forever and has never really aged. I'm not going to say he looks like a youngster or anything, but he doesn't look like the 70 year old he actually is:

Sure, he's probably not as skinny or "in shape" as he once was, but he still looks pretty spry.

But then I looked up what baby Glavin used to look like...

That's right - the spitting image of a young Anthony Michael Hall!

Minus the women, who obviously can't be cast in this thought experiment, who else would fill in a baseball Breakfast Club... Maybe a wigged Kevin Youkilis as burnout Judd Nelson? But WHAT ABOUT JOCK EMILIO ESTEVEZ? If only Charlie Sheen was a real baseball player!

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