Thursday, March 12, 2009

Southern Love for the Smaller Guys

Last night after getting off work (7pm) and eating dinner (8.15) a friend and i turned on the ULofL vs. LSU game on the radio (UL:7 LSU:1)*. Two teams, based an hour apart, different leagues, huge rivalry. You know the story. To our delight the game had been delayed an hour by rain and we decided to make the hour trek to the new (and ghastly) Alex Box Stadium to catch the end of the game. On the radio on the way, one of the announcers, clearly upset by LSU losing, was in hysterics over "how bad" the ref was. (UL:8 LSU:2)*

Turned out the ref WAS that bad, the stadium was soaked, and only the die hard fans were left to see out the game. TALK ABOUT FUN!! Bottom of the 8th it was tied 9:9, and UL started the 9th off with Scott Hawkins making an AMAZING home run--his 36th home run, putting Hawkins in a second-place tie for the all-time home runs for the Cajuns. Not only is Scott Hawkins attractive based on his playing ability and because my team won 10:9 thanks to him, but he is definitely cute from the side:

But my best pick of the night is Jared Mitchell, an all star LSU player getting double love from baseball and football fans. Apparently he is one to look out for. And who-unlike UL's Hawkins-is from my land.

Towards the end of the game my friend asked of Mitchell "how would it feel to know you could beat up anyone in this stadium?"
the real question is "how would it feel to know you could GET anyone in this stadium?"

*I could remember these incorrectly, but it's close enough.

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