Thursday, March 19, 2009

Manny v. Mark; Manny Being Merlot

I used to get all of my baseball news from, but yesterday I discovered a very cool, new sports website called I'm so into their video archive! They even have a feed labeled "Manny Being Manny," where you can watch ManRam riding a tricycle in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium and playing cricket in Australia. Here's a blog-relevant excerpt from his interview with ESPN's Colleen Dominguez:

C: You once said you wanted to be a Yankee.
M: Why not? I'm from there....So okay, if I say I like New York, that doesn't mean I'm a bad guy.
C: Were you surprised when the Yankees didn't come knocking on your door during Free Agency?
M: No, they got a better player than me. They got Mark Teixeira. I'm not surprised.
C: Why is Mark Teixeira a better player than you?
M: He's young, great defense. Handsome guy. (laughs)
C: You're not a handsome guy?
M: I am, I'm good looking, but....

Now wait a Manny implying that Mark Teixeira is better-looking than he is?

Teixeira with the Angels, Manny with the Aussies, via

It's time for another reader's poll. Teixeira v. Manny...who's better looking? One thing's for sure: Mark Teixeira may have scored a bigger contract, but he doesn't have a wine named after him.

Unfortunately, the Manny Being Merlot is sold out. There are, however, several other custom player wines available online. The Third Base or Bust Season Opener Party just got better!



  1. Manny. Teixeira looks like he breathes through his mouth.

  2. Manny, but Teixeira is more "marriage material-y."

  3. I'm trying to look up Teixeira images but I am uninspired to look carefully. Someone has a picture of him up on their Xanga that won't load quick enough. I think this justifies my automatic vote for Manny!

  4. After complementing another guy you're supposed to say "no homo." To give him the benefit of the doubt though maybe the quote cuts out before that part.

    Plus baseball fans aren't supposed to know words like "merlot." There are Milwaukee Brewers but no Napa Valley Vintners.

    But if trends like wearing v-necks, drinking lattes and getting caught making out with Carlos Lee on film keep up, who knows.

  5. If anyone wants to purchase an unopened, mint condition bottle of Manny Being Merlot, let me know! Price is $50 b/c of how hard they are to find. I'm happy to mail it anywhere.