Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Wow, last night's USA v. PR game looked exciting! I wish I could have watched it live, but ESPN was showing college basketball instead, for some reason. ESPN does have a pretty awesome video recap on their website, though, which shows Shane Victorino looking like a clown and Derek Jeter looking like a pretty bad baseball player. I don't know who's doing the commentary, but I LOVE THEM! Here's an excerpt:

Woman: Carlos Beltran, arguably the best center fielder in baseball.
Man: Settle down.
Woman: All right. It's true. I said arguably. Take two more looks, it's that good.
Man: You could argue I'm the best looking guy in the world, but that doesn't mean it's right.
Woman: Well, you could, Scott, but we won't go there right now.

At first, I thought that the male announcer replied, "You could argue that HE'S the best looking guy in the world," in reference to Beltran, which would have been hilarious. Let's imagine for a minute that he did.

Best looking guy in the world? Not even close! Sorry, CB, but you're not even the best looking Center Fielder in the Major Leagues. Nice catch, though.

One thing I appreciate about men is how they beat the shit out of each other when they're happy. In these photos, Derek Jeter looks like he's about to take a giant, bloody bite out of the back of David Wright's neck.


Here's the New York Times describing the rowdy post-game celebration:

After Wright’s ball dropped in shallow right and Brian Roberts and Jimmy Rollins scampered home with the tying and go-ahead runs, the Americans sprinted out of the dugout and made Wright into a human-sized pillow. Player after player dived on Wright, turning the infield into a sea of red, white and blue.

“All I know is that David Wright’s face was in the dirt, and all the Mets fans were panicking,” Roberts said.

In other WBC news, last night Korea defeated Japan. Tonight Japan plays Cuba and the USA plays Venezuela. GO TEAM USA!

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