Friday, March 13, 2009

Battle of the Fantasy Flyers

Being a rookie Fantasy Baseball commissioner, I was unsure when to schedule my league's draft. Of course, the later one has it, the more informed managers would be about injuries, starting rotations, and new contracts. On the other hand, could I really have us all sit idly for more than a month, repressing our manic excitement for the upcoming season? Unable to control my own eagerness, I settled on March 1st, and am quite satisfied, as the decision seems to have catalyzed an outpouring of preseason baseball-related creativity. What began as a casual excursion with Jenni to (suburban big-box store) Meijer for the first Topps 09 packs has blossomed into an insatiable and obsessive desire for baseball cards. An even more constructive release of this preseason fervor has been the graphic expression of fantasy team pride. Jenni initiated this with her Ladies Love Us collage (below).

Kei responded promptly, and in a different format, with her digital yearbook for The Poppersteins. With characteristic tardiness, I composed a flyer for my own team, Impending Doom. Thus 3 of the 8 teams in our league, Marauders of Time, have visually manifested their excitement. Perhaps after the season commences fantasy competition will continue to yield new and unexpected visual responses.


  1. That's a good collage, Mordecai. I especially like the photo of CQ eating his bat. What's that all about?

    Also, I want to re-state (and not for the last time): MY TEAM IS SO SWEET!

  2. Also, can you convince Nate to make a collage? Isn't he in ART SCHOOL?

    I want to know if he's keeping A-Rod!

  3. I'll become a more faithful Mets fan is Jose can really steal home.