Monday, March 9, 2009

Chili or bust

Jenni and friends have done an amazing job over the past several weeks while I mysteriously disappeared on a holiday. But I've returned home and am looking forward to completing some divisional rankings in Jenni's excellent scientific manner as opposed to my biased ad hoc ramblings. And I'm also pumped to respond to some of the awesome (and controversial) material I've missed.

In honor of coming back from South America I was hoping to find a couple Chilean or Argentinian players that I could talk about. But from the best I can tell I don't think there has ever been a professional baseball player from either of those countries. Crazy. And I'll leave my Manu post for another day.

So instead I thought I would say a little about the closest thing I could find, Charles Theodore "Chili" Davis, better known as the 'Jamaican Sensation.'

Chili Davis apparently got the nickname after he got a bad haircut or something, but looks pretty solid here (admittedly with a hat on). He's also the first Jamaican born player to play in the big leagues.

Be sure to check out his awesome website which includes a flash intro of a single he hit in the 1998 World Series:

Well, it's not that sweet, it's mostly under construction and wont even confirm the wiki story about his hideous hair.

You can also schedule a round of golf with him! (via this guy)

Maybe one of these kids forced to mow the lawn in Buenos Aires can be the first player from Argentina.

Please don't read the whole article that this photo is from about Argentinian youth and baseball - it is long and boring. However, it does include this sentimental quote from Argentinian Jorge Ramia, "if you love baseball, it is like a drug... Once you are in it, it is too difficult to get out." He also includes the caveat "I am not the 'king of baseball.'"

Back in the thick of it!

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