Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bog wading

As promised (and I know everyone is waiting with baited breath), here's WADE BOGGS. He was playing on the Red Sox when I was v little and went to my first Red Sox game. My parents have an uncut sheet of baseball cards from '88 with Boggs prominently featured in all his mustached glory.

His only world series win came when he was on the Yankees, though, which I didn't know until my friend Jim said, "Yeah, don't you remember that picture of him riding a police horse?"
Just like the cowboy that mustache implies that he is.
(I don't know how to move photos around so you'll have to bear with what may turn out as nonsensical placement.)

Did Wade have hair replacement?
Here's Wade doing some sort of commentary in 2008:

Here's an image that certainly predates that shot, though I must say that it's quite a good photo of Wade in general.

How many points for most boring blog entry ever?

So much for blogging in Sam's stead.


  1. Man, that Devil Rays jersey is so much cooler than their current jerseys. And I love that police horse! Thanks, Beth!

  2. Thanks, Jenni. Mostly I got "wow that really was boring" for a response.
    I like your A-Rod drawing, it's sweet!

  3. Yes, Wade Boggs did have hair replacement. I remembered his commercials and have been meaning to look into it. It took me a while: