Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review, Preview

Good morning! In case you missed it and are too lazy to scroll down, here's what happened yesterday on Third Base or Bust:

1. The blog was willed into existence (big thanks to Phil-co for his expert advice)
2. I gave you my Top 5
3. Hillary nominated Todd Walker for the Hall of Fame
4. Sam denounced Nick Swisher and demoted Derek Jeter
5. We learned that Dustin Pedroia's brother may be a pedophile
6. Mordecai unearthed this gem from the memory vault (re-posted from the comments):

Today, I'll be sitting around in a warehouse for most of the afternoon, but here are some things that may happen in my e-absence:

1. Sam may give us the rest of his Top 5
2. Phil may weigh in on famous baseball mustaches
3. Kei may highlight favorites from Japan's pro league

I'm looking forward to all of it!

Additionally, my friend Reid made a submission via email, stating:

"I'm still at work, so I haven't had a chance to check out your blog yet. Not sure how much I can contribute, seeing as how I'm straight and all, but you might want to check out jose canseco (steroid era), he was a good looking ballplayer. I'll think more about it later."

That's all for now!


  1. I don't follow baseball much, but the first thing that came to mind when I thought of distinctive and appealing baseball appearances was Kirby Puckett and his thighs. His face is so loveable, and his thick and meaty gams provide the strong grounding and support he needs to take on the world. Sadly, he is also dead. See below:




    Eric Holt

  2. If only his ass was as big as Larry Fitzgerald's...



    Just for fun, here's a picture of Larry Fitzgerald's dad WITH Twins legend Kirby Puckett


  3. nice find! And yes, Larry Fitzgerald has an amazing behind. But he's no Michael Turner!

  4. Yes my post is on its way...sorry for the delay! Also, that picture of Jose Conseco looks a little like G-Rod :D