Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interprofessional Comparison

Hi Sam and Jenni,

Thanks for letting me post on your website. Let’s get right to it.

When Sam compared Casey Blake to some guy in 300, I became lost in a childhood baseball reverie. In particular, I harkened back to how I used to think ex-Yankee and World Series Champion Tino Martinez looks a lot like world famous Canadian porn star Peter North.

Uncanny! I know this because, growing up I was a big fan of the Yankees and my dad used to steal cable.

Here are some other ways in which porn stars are similar to baseball players:

  1. They both sometimes wear baseball uniforms
  2. They both start out as amateurs
  3. They both have to get tested prior to the start of the season
  4. Nicknames
  5. Surgeries
  6. The double switch
  7. The sac fly

Well that’s about it. Oh here’s some more visual evidence:

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