Thursday, February 12, 2009


In response to Beth's post on bruiser Pete Rose, Jenni posted a link to a picture that was too great to be left languishing in the comments...

Jenni questioned its authenticity, but it is for sure real... The interweb says it's from a 1977 Jockey ad that appeared in Playboy.

But Pete Rose wasn't the only model! I came across another photo from the same campaign that I thought deserved some additional recognition.

Here's hall of fame pitcher Steve Carlton sporting a onesie. According to wikipedia the main purpose of a onesie "is to cover a diaper when worn." I don't know why a potty trained individual, let alone a professional athlete would need to wear such a garment. Maybe he just liked the print. I suppose Steve gets a couple bonus points for the mustache and that fierce stare, but on the whole I'd go with Pete Rose over him any day.

Here's a blog post that has all of the professional athletes from the 77' Jockey campaign. Lets just say that the baseball players don't fare quite as well compared to the athletes from sports where you actually have to be in shape.


  1. I think that's a tank top and underpants combo set. I can see a faint waistline--it's just tucked in. Though now I don't know which is worse.

    I have one of those actual ads! My friend Chelsea posted it on my studio door one day. I did not realize it was a whole ad campaign. Jockey really needs to re-up this print series HOT STUFF

  2. woah. and i was just thinking of buying one of these.

  3. This is getting out of control: