Thursday, February 5, 2009

P.S. to Kei-chan / Review Preview

I know that, technically, this kind of response belongs in the "comments" section, but I really wanted to share this with the world. I was in Japan during the Shinjo underwear campaign and it was INTENSE!

Anyway, here's a rundown of yesterday's posts:

Kei contributed a very excellent Top Five
Rachel expressed hometown pride with her Top One
Paul took it there.
I loved on Manny.

Starting next Friday, Sam and I will begin looking at each division in the Major Leagues and ranking its teams by level of attractiveness. We invite you to participate! Here's the schedule:

Feb. 13th, AL East
Feb. 20th, AL Central
Feb. 27th, AL West
Mar. 6th, NL East
Mar. 13th, NL Central
Mar. 14th, NL West

We've got many other exciting posts planned, so keep reading and thanks for your continued support of THE GREATEST SPORT IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!


  1. is that Shinjo looking checking out his package on a mannequin of himself?

    my head is going to meta explode.

  2. Why is that guy pulling down Parker's pants?