Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Love

Well, hello, Monday morning readers! I can't wait to see your picks for "Favorite Hot Fatty." To get things rolling, here are some articles that might be of use:

1. "Who is the Fattest Team in Baseball?" from August 2008, before the Yankees bought their Cash Cow....
2. Will C.C. Sabathia be the most pin-striped man in history?
3. "Baseball's Fattest, Slobbiest Fat Slobs" from Maxim Magazine (does that magazine still exist?!)
4. ESPN's Fatty All-Star Team from which I have to highlight this account of Tigers player Gates Brown from the 1960's:

"Gates spent a lot of time on the bench, and was used to being ready for the call at any time. But in an August 1968 game against Cleveland, he was caught ... eating. He'd gone into the clubhouse to grab a couple of hot dogs, and was all ready to eat them when Detroit manager Mayo Smith called him in to pinch hit. He stuffed the dogs down his jersey. Then he doubled, slid in head first, and stood up with a uniform covered with mustard, ketchup, and hot dog and bun chunks all over himself."

Dude. I couldn't find any full-bodied photos of Mr. Brown, but his is definitely a face that says, "Yeah, I'll put a hot dog in my shirt. I don't give a SHIT." Love it.


  1. dude.
    gates brown?
    i dont even wanna post now.
    he's like, the fattest of all fat kids.

  2. Don't be a quitter, Rachel. There are sooo many yet-unnamed fatties awaiting your approving eye.