Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived?

Did you know Mike Schmidt played 3rd base for the Phillies and is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time? I sure didn't! When I played t-ball we had to fill out these cards with all our important stats like height, weight, and favorite baseball player. My mom probably told me my height and weight. I have no idea who said to write down Mike Schmidt, but I think their reasoning was as follows:

1) He has a mustache*, and so did my dad.
2) He played Third Base, which I think I played, or at least hung out near.
3) He played for the Philadelphia Phillies, the closest Delaware gets to hometown pride, but more importantly it sounds like my name.
4) His shirt was Number 20, where as my birthday is May 21st. Close enough.

All these things are still true, but now after some internet research I can add the fifth reason.

Mike Schmidt is a shimmering Adonis straddling two handsome steeds made of summer rainbows .

According to the Wikipedia, teammate Pete Rose once said, "To have his body, I'd trade him mine and my wife's, and I'd throw in some cash." I have to admit, I didn't even consider his body, just the face and 'stache. Luckily Mr. Schmidt did pose for a photo sans mustache:

He's still got it! But I think the facial hair really makes him.

*I realize the top picture actually features Mr. Schmidt with a beard and not his signature mustache, but I thought it appropriate to include, because it's pretty sexy. He really pulls it off. I think Jeremy Sisto would play him in the movie version of his 1980 World Championship win.

PS. Some people consider a man crying to be a sign of weakness, others might find it a turn on. Share your opinions in the comments.

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